kisah sebuah kehidupan




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  1. >hello… hapi blogging… have a nice day! just visiting here….

  2. >:) Thanks 4 visiting

  3. >assalamualaikum mr.khairuddinhopefully u r fine by the grace of almighty… u do remeber us or not i dont know but dont forget to remember us in u r duas… and one advice to u is plz translate atleast essential part of u r blog in english so that english speaking people can understand wat u wan2 say??? k…and onemore thing i like u r blog…bcoz…at some place or other it talks abt islam anyhow, thnks for nice bloghappy blogging salamualikum

  4. >Thank Q for visiting my blog. Referred on your previous post, you can visit for language selection. Here, there were three language which are automatically translated. 🙂 Syukran jazillan for brilliant idea's and may Allah bless u.

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