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This moot court is organized and facilitated by Programme in Comparative Media Law & Policy at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies,University of Oxford, part of the university’s Faculty of Law, in collaboration with the International Media Lawyers Association (IMLA).

havinglunchA very successful Second Edition of the Price Moot Court took place in Oxford from 18 – 21 March 2009. Teams from Malaysia, India, China, Jordan, Europe and the United States competed, and many internationally recognized media law experts acted as judges, including Judge Dean Spielmann from the European Court of Human Rights, Ms Gugu Moyo from the International Bar Association, Mr Mark Stephens from Finers Stephens Innocent and Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC. The purpose of the Price Moot Court Competition is to expand and stimulate an interest in Media Law and Policy among students from law and other disciplines, who will develop expertise in arguing a case before an international bench of judges from different legal systems and backgrounds.  Malaysia

The international nature of this competition will encourage students to gain knowledge from legal systems different from their own by carrying out comparative study and research of regional and international standards to cultivate their arguments in both writing and oral forms. Participants will operate in a world where a Universal Court of Human Rights has been established to ensure the citizens of the United Nations are enjoying the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In this world, the Universal Court of Human Rights substitutes all jurisdictions of all other regional courts and becomes the final adjudicator when all national remedies have been exhausted.

Moreover a Chamber of the Universal Court of Human Rights has been established in order to deal with issues specifically addressing cases concerning Freedom of Expression as set out in Article 19 of the UDHR and when freedom of expression collides with other fundamental rights in the Declaration. The Chamber is known as the “Universal Freedom of Expression Court”.                                      

                                           Result for 2009 competition (2nd edition)


Team Points
1 Cardozo School of Law (8) Memorials – 237.5 
Oral – 355
Overall – 592.5
2 BPP Law School (18) Memorials – 242.5
Oral – 340.3
Overall – 582.8
3 International Islamic University, Malaysia (10) Memorials – 239.0
Oral – 306.5 
Overall – 545.5
4 Tbilisi State University, Georgia (22) Memorials – 224.5 
Oral – 315.3
Overall – 539.8
5 Communication University of China (32) Memorials – 240.0
Oral – 291.3 
Overall – 531.3
6 Leiden University, The Netherlands (16) Memorials – 219.0
Oral – 295.2 
Overall – 514.2

                                         Result for 2008 competition (1st edition)

Rank Team Points
1 Malaysia (46) Memorials – 314
Oral – 329
Overall – 643
2 Georgia (55) Memorials – 285
Oral – 306.5
Overall – 591.5
3 India (50) Memorials – 274
Oral – 280
Overall – 554

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